Need additional info from seller can I speak with them


I am considering a service on Fiveer, however, I need to speak with seller to see if we are on the same page on what I need. Can I speak with her direct? I would like to Skype Fiveer will not allow.


What’s wrong with Fiverr messaging?

Unless a gig is set up to use Skype, and the seller has cleared it with CS, they’d be risking their account by using Skype.


I have several questions would be much faster by phone or Skype. In addition you can get a better feel for someone by speaking on phone or Skype. Can I ask seller to set up Skype account and get cleared with CS?


Don’t think so - everything really needs to be done via Fiverr messaging.


Conversations via Skype, when necessary, are only allowed after the order was placed.

If the seller has a Skype consultation gig (with the permission from Customer Support), you can order the gig and talk to them. If not, the seller risks getting banned from Fiverr if they accept to talk to you via Skype.

Several questions are not a problem. Send them all through Fiverr messaging system (there can be up to 2,500 characters per message, more than enough for several questions), and wait for the seller to answer them.


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