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Need advice : Buyer taking things for granted


Hi Guys , a buyer contacted me and after a conversation ordered one of my gig , the deal was of $50 and he paid $35 and said he is pay rest after the delivery (without asking me if it will be fine) , then he sends a lot of messages which is disturbing and consumes my time , I started with the project today and felt that I dont trust the buyer and want to work for him because he rarely asks anything , tells me what to do . I feel he is taking me and things for granted .

Which option should I select from these .

Hey hearsid, how can I help you today?

The buyer is not responsive.

I’m having trouble completing this order.

My buyer and I would like to cancel this order.


Personally, I would go for the mutual cancellation. You should never do business with someone who takes advantage of your services. He’d probably be dissatisfied with your work in the end, anyway.

Best of luck!



It is a good signal that it is going to consume a lot of time to make him feel good about your work at the end of the day. I dont prefer working with someone who doesnt have good communication skills


It is a good idea to end the deal and look for some other sensible customers. I have been providing this service and I have good relations with most of my customers. I promise to provide services only after checking their project and attitude of the buyers.



Thank you for the suggestions guys , I have cancelled the order , as expected the buyer blamed me for everything but as last agreed for a mutual cancellation , feeling better now .