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Need Advice For Editing My Gig

If I edit my gig, there will be any problem?

I want to edit my gig because I think my gig price is too high. I didn’t get any orders.
Thanks in advance for your valuable advice.

To visit my gig:

If I edit my gig, there will be any problem?

It will probably be removed from the search index for a bit until any changes have been approved.

These are my suggestions/comments for the gig:

Gig: I will do image background removal and photoshop editing
In the gig description:
“than this gig for you.” could be “then this gig for you.”
“I’m Stay here 24/7” could be “I’m here 24/7” (though I don’t think that will help)

It says “I’ll always give you 100% to ensure your complete.” - maybe change that/add a word.

Its says “Before you make, please contact me first.” - you could change that to something like “Please contact me before ordering.”

In the 2nd gig image it says “cliping” instead of “clipping”.