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Need advice for my order


I actually need an advice from you guys. I am really confused what to do?
I got an order and I agreed to it for $5.
while doing it i found this project is for $30. :frowning: a huge loss :disappointed_relieved:
should i tell my buyer to change the amount or let it be?

Its my fault i know.


You’ve got a few options.

1 - You cancel the order. If you really can’t afford to complete the order then this is your safest option. However cancellation isn’t recommended as it can have a negative impact upon your gigs and seller level.

2- You can ask the buyer to change the price. Whilst this seems like the best option in principle, the buyer is unlikely to do this and they are entitled to decline (which I suspect they will).

3 - You do the job well; you get a good review.

I recommend just doing 3. We all make mistakes and next time you’ll be able to make a profit on your order by learning from this.


yeahh I also think so just do it well. It is my huge loss lesson at the end of the year. I wanted to let it go. but you know in December the percentage of the order is little less than other months. so when I get one with the profitable amount I made my loss in it. That is the only thought killing me inside.

Thank you so much


I guess you have to complete the order, If you do the well you get good reviews, and your reviews will be attracted other buyers.