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Need Advice for starting a new gig



I am working as a logo design @fiverr. Now I have enhanced my skills in SEO and WordPress. So I want to know that Can I open SEO, Logo design and WordPress gig on my profile? Is it accepted by fiverr?
Any advice or suggestions is highly appreciated!



Do you mean all in one gig or separate gigs?


Yes, it is accepted if you create a separate gig for each. You can offer various services on Fiverr. But be sure to be a professional in it.


There will be the different gig for SEO and logo design but the category will be different so I am confused. :thinking::roll_eyes:


Go and search for gigs similar to the gigs that you are going to start. Open at least 3 gigs of level two and top rated sellers. Than read the different titles, read description (Never copy their description)) check their packages and category.

After checking their gigs you can easily go and start your own gig.
Hope this will help.

Note: Never copy anything of other sellers just get idea and than create your own.


^^^ This is exactly that approach I have taken. Who is getting the most bites and how are they presenting their product. How can I improve upon it and add additional value in hopes in getting in on the customers action(s).


Yes you can offer services for SEO, Logo design and WordPress.

There are lots of other sellers as well who are doing the same, they are offering services for various categories from same profile.

Just make sure you provide top notch services.


Do you mean you don’t know the categories