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Need advice from experienced sellers


Hey guys. Am new on Fiverr. kindly check out my profile and tell me if I need to change anything.


Ok Kbaaru… You would edit, proofread and transcribe but you need to edit and transcribe your gig description first.

Only include relevant information that relates to the services you will be offering on fiverr. Secondly, there’s a difference between “Am” and “I’m”, if I was a potential buyer of your proofreading gig, I would think twice when I see the “Am” beginning a new sentence in your profile description.

You can also visit the fiverr academy to learn about how to improve your sales further.

All the best!


Okay. Thanks for the feedback.


Dear Miss,
If you may please check my Fiverr profile and gigs as well, and provide feedback, I would be thankful.


@myounas853 You’re a level 2 seller and I’m a level one seller. I think you should be the one advising me and reviewing my profile. That aside, I think your profile description could use a little editing.

All the best.