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Need advice from experts!

Hi , Hope you are fine and doing well !

I have provided my services to a client in advance of the payment (send offer option) because this is usual in our field and normally almost everyone pays after getting their work . Same as this, One of my new client inquired for my services and asked that i will pay you after the work done. I said, alright ! No problem . I completed the work and delivered the accurate work and send invoice of $310 . Now from that day She is not making me any response no reply even she comes online and read my messages too . 14 days has been passed that i have completed her work.

Now Please guide me can i ask fiverr CS for help in this case , Can they can do any thing as i haven’t created offer before the work ??



I’m sorry Waqas? What’s your niche?

I’m not sure CS can do much in this case. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t create your offer first, have the buyer accept and deliver the completed work. You could have also sent a sample instead.

I really do hope your buyer responds soon. All the best.

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No problem . I completed the work and delivered the accurate work and send invoice of $310

There should be no reason for you to send any invoice. Work is only supposed to be done through the Fiverr order system and the seller is only supposed to deliver it through the “Deliver” option (other than optionally sending a preview/samples - watermarked where possible so it can’t be used as actual completed work). And you can’t deliver through the “Deliver” button (how orders are supposed to be delivered) until an order has been made.

Also with the “send offer option” - you’re not supposed to do all the work before the buyer has accepted the offer (and the order has started) - you can’t deliver the work (“Deliver” option) until the order has started. Delivering the completed work another way before an order has been placed would be against TOS.

edit: maybe CS could help in this case because the buyer said “i will pay you after the work done”. Maybe the trust and safety team would look into the buyer? But again you shouldn’t have done what they asked (if they wanted completed work sent before payment) as that would be against TOS.


Really good. thank you so much

when you do again like this, you should add watermmark or anything else for keeping yourself safe from naughty buyer. :slight_smile:

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I think that you have been conned. Fiverr has set procedures in place for buyers and sellers. It looks like you’ve not followed these. I’m sure that you will learn from this and not do it again!


I’m afraid, nobody can help you. It’s not an issue for the CS until the deal has been through an order.

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