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Need Advice from seller to GET MORE ORDERS



i am looking to get some advice from seller here

i was selling smm service. But However now fiverr Not allowed selling smm service here . So i move to sell Traffic

also My 1 Of gig was first on recommend for only 1 day . i dont Know the reason Fiverr has denide My Gig.

i think this is my unlucky

Now i am Going to selling seo service ,

How can i get more order my gig not Going to recommend or even new gig or search, in this situation what can i do Now .

i couldn’t success here,

i try my Best, i have provide service also other seller provide but this things happend (gig denide) only for my gig

Guys i am looking forward Your comment (help) ^:)^ :(( ^:)^ :((


Many items in your service category violate Tos of the respected sites and fiverr. That is going to continue to be a problem as fiverr cracks down on it.


I don’t believe your current SEO Report gig does violate it. But others in the same smm category may violate it like face book likes, followers, etc. Many services manipulating ranking will cause problems for the clients in the future because they violate the respected sites. You are not the only one that has struggled getting gigs through in this category. Others have also had gigs removed later down the road.