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Need advice from senior seller on fiverr

Hi, My name is Aleena Putri, I’m new seller on fiverr.
I need advice about problem with buyer, Buyer order on aug 7th at 06:12 for 1 day delivery (in normally I charge $25 but he want $20 and I accepted the price) so I send my work on aug 8th at 03:13 and he want to revised the infographic on 8th at 15:50 so I revised and send on 9th at 04:48, he say “This look amazing! This is the type of work I expacted” and need some revision with added the new content on aug 9th at 13:22, so I revise again and send the result on aug 10th on 15:54, and I not get any feedback about that. After long time, he send me message on aug 22th at 01:07 and he want to refund his money, he say “Is this some type of joke? Can you send my refund or I’m leaving a negative rating” and next message “I ordered on 6th with 7th due date, Your computer had issues which caused delays in the work. Please issue my refund and I’m not having any conversation off of the Fiverr platform” and my question is why he disappeared after get my work, why he send me message after almost 2 weeks and want to refund his money, and why he say like my work after get it he want to refund and if not he will give me negative rating. Any advice about this case? And can I report this case to fiverr?

Thank you so much, and I’m sorry for my bad English :smiley:
Aleena Putri

Screenshots, customer support.

please take screenshots of your conversation and send to customer support…they will help you…

Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:
But customer support was cancelled 2 hours ago, maybe buyer send to customer support to cancel this order. :frowning:

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Hi, shouldn’t the gig be completed by now? I mean how can someone cancel an order that is completed?


Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, the order was completed, but the buyer report to cancel to cust help and I don’t know the order cancelled by customer support, :frowning:

Does the customer support say a third party is involved and they cannot share any details about it? I think buyer claimed a Wrong refund via paypal and fiverr managment have refunded them and cancelled the order. I have two harsh experiences(tho my orders were much bigger). Anyways it happens, there is no way to avoid these type of people so yeah move on but try to contact customer support, I can be wrong too.