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Need Advice I am New!


Hello everyone. I m new on fiverr and created 4 gigs. Need help that my gigs are ok or not…


Hi Sharxx,

Welcome to fiverr. I hope you enjoy your time here :slight_smile:

Success :slight_smile:


Thankx davegerrits …



Welcome to fiverr ,Work hard and apply for buyer request every day :slight_smile:


Welcome to Fiverr. Best wishes for your success!



welcome to fiverr!
If you need any specific advise i can help you if youre interested. You can send me DM and we can work 1 on 1 to get your sales up :slight_smile:


I am new on Fiverr…
I am an econometricians. I have 5+years of experience using statistical softwares ( Eview, Gretl, SPSS, EXCEL and others). I finished with top grace in Economics back in school. I have worked on quite number of projects which has learnt to my credence. I will look forward to having your response to discuss in details how my skills will be fit to the accomplishment of your work. Regards.