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Need Advice on a Order

I need some good advice on what to do with a seller. I bought a gig that has taken over a month. The seller sent me that he was finished, I naturally though I was clicking to receive the finished files.

You guessed it…no files and now the vendor has not written in 5 days.

This was to ghost write a book and I sent him an unfinished manuscript of 20,000. words

I did not give him any feed back. Just wanted the order completed.

Any advice on my next move or is this the way it always is now with fiverr?


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You just got a bad seller. Report that to CS, they will cancel the order and refund your money.


Sorry, you had a horrible experience with this Seller. Follow Mike’s advice this Seller is playing games, delivering empty orders is a ToS violation.


Have you ordered at 2 am again, from a seller with a celebrity picture? :slight_smile:

Report the seller to CS for an empty delivery and ask them to refund you. If the seller has officially delivered, hurry up with reporting, because you can only get a refund up to 13 or 14 days after the order was marked as delivered.


Thanks for the comedy and the advice. Do you also do birthday parties?

All the jokes aside I will give him a few more hours to do what he said and then I will contact the main office.

Thanks for all your help.

Great community.

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Please do follow catwriter’s advice and report for empty delivery,

Not with the rest of us - no. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, it seems like I have battled with the staff at Fiverr before. I have been using the service for years and usually get great results. Some caring, knowledgeable talent is available to create anything. I sometimes need that very direction.

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Sorry you had a bad experience, but just so you know, we sellers are not “fiverr staff” :slight_smile: