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Need advice on how to purchase a Gig


I am not certain where this topic belongs, so feel free to move it if it’s incorrectly placed.

I want to purchase eleven (11) Gig Photos; one (1) per Gig. The Seller charges $5 per Gig Photo, which is $55 total. I want to place an order for $55.

The Seller, however, wants me to purchase her/his Gig photo Gig 11 times. For the avoidance of doubt, this means each order will have its own Order#, and by extension, the completion of each order will create an opportunity to review the Gig.

My concern is that this is a form of review manipulation. My rationale there is that there is no reason for someone to purchase 1 Gig 11 times unless that person intends on leaving 11 reviews on the one Gig… and there is no reason to do THAT since custom orders exist. Clearly, with the 1 order, only 1 review would be forthcoming, and 11 reviews are better than 1.

What’s the official position on this practice?


I can’t speak to the “official position” on this practice, but I do see it from both sides.

Yes, requiring that each image has to be a separate order does allow multiple reviews. However, you don’t have to provide 11 different reviews. Beat the seller at his/her own game. Review one order, and don’t review the other ten. :wink:

I will say, too, separate orders, for separate projects is perfectly normal. I’ve had clients who need name/tagline work, but also want a logo in the same order. I, however, choose to separate my name/tagline work from my logo work, thus requiring two separate orders. Names/taglines and logo design are two very different projects, with different development processes. It’s okay if a seller chooses to complete orders in this way. Perhaps that allows them to better manage the work that you need. I don’t see anything wrong with this, and I’m sure Fiverr doesn’t either.


Yeah, the practice is common and I would avoid it.
Perhaps get them to do 1 first and if you are happy with it then order the others all together.
Note that if you are paying from card/paypal etc, the fees will be more for 11 individual orders than just one.


Oh you sneaky devil you!! :grin:

I like it, very, very smart! :joy:


Excellent suggestions. I agree; I am a strong proponent of a buyer testing a seller’s abilities before jumping into a massive order (or series of orders, in this case).

And make a good point about the fees as well. Definitely something for a buyer to consider. I’ve never had to worry about that, since I only separate my nnoted services into two different orders – I don’t think I would ever consider breaking down one project into 11 orders, though. Yes, it’s allowed, but it does seem a little like overkill in the case of this buyer-seller interaction.


:grin: :wink: