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Need advice on my Gig

Hi All,I’m new to Fiverr & need your kind advices to increase my Gig impression. below is my Gig.

We welcome your to the Fiverr, the following tips could be very helpful for you as a new seller:

  • Make your gig a specialized/specific service not a general one
  • Enable the “SEO TITLE” field for your gig (if not used already)
  • Choose the right keywords that represent your service (how to: Open fiver as buyer search for a keyword that you think can represent your service, Fiverr will show some suggestions, those suggestions could be the better keywords for your gig)
  • Use the selected keywords in your git title/description and pricing description (but don’t overuse them)
  • In order to improve your gig impressions, try to be online more often, that’s a great opportunity for new sellers to land their gigs on top of others (when a buyer searches with the online filter)

The screenshot is of your forum post rather than your gig.

These are my suggestions/comments for the gigs:

Gig: I will do excel data entry tasks
I’d remove the 5 stars from the main gig image. In the past Fiverr said they weren’t allowed I think.

In the gig description:
Maybe reword “to start my carrier in the field of Finance.”

You’ve got 3 gigs offering data entry. The “I will do excel data entry tasks” and “I will excel data entry jobs” are probably much too similar based on the titles. You should only have one gig for a service.

Maybe make the gig images show bitter on the profile (some of them get cropped a bit too much).

  1. This is not your gig. This is screenshot of a forum post draft.

  2. You need to put this in the My Fiverr Gig section.

This is not your gig! It’s just a screenshot of your post in the Forum!