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" Need advice: Order was placed without any task details

Hello Freelancers,

I need your advice. Yesterday late evening there was an order placed on 1 of my gigs. There were no task details on the order, neither any message from the Buyer with the task in my communication Inbox. I asked him for details through Order messages and via Inbox messages (communication one). No reply. In around an hour I resent my both messages asking what he wants me to do and for details. No reply. As it was already quite late in my country and daytime in his country, I thought that I might have his reply in the morning and went to bed. This morning I checked - Silence. So, he has not given any task and has not replied to my messages. But time is flying, the time counter is working and I don’t know what to do in such situation. Would appreciate advice from those who had experienced the same problem and/or who knows what to do in such situation. Many thanks.

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Did you have any automated requirements that he would be forced to fill out so that the order could start counting down?

No, it’s the first time I have received such order. Usually buyers discuss details in advance.

You should be using the requirements section. Go into your gig, edit the requirements, and then those questions you write will be presented to every buyer when they place their order. The order will not start counting down until the buyer answers those questions.


Thanks! will definitely do it and hope it will help with next orders. Would also appreciate to know what to do with the current one.

You can start the order by yourself and ask buyer to send requirements

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He has already placed the order, but did not give any requirements, tasks or any details of what he wants to be done- just the order was placed and that’s it. I even have asked him in 1 of my messages if the order was placed by mistake, but again no reply from him…

I have contacted support service for advice. Thanks to everyone who replied!

hi bro, the buyer is unresponsive then wait 1 week time, my many clients return with reply after one week, :grinning: !

You can simply go to resolution center and cancel the order reason being buyer not responding.
You can wait till it is 1 hr in delivery
If the buyer respond and tell you what he needs and you can do that then go ahead with the job and get the delivery time extended and you just go buyer requirements.
It’s an amazing feature given by fiverr to extend the time in case needed.
If no response simply put order on cancellation.
You can ask support too to cancel the order

Delivering such order may cause trouble as you don’t know what to deliver and if the buyer doesn’t need what you provide
It may result in a negative reviews and cancellation by buyer.
Better be cautious

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Thanks for the reply:)

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iamprime Many thanks for your detailed reply! It was very useful!

I suggest to extend the delivery time.
I have a lot of buyer that is doing the thing like that and once they return some of them Said there were suddenly thing they need to do right after they place their order.

Usually I wait until 3 days and if there is still no response then better to cancel it but still keep contacting the buyer in some period to check maybe they have been ready for the job.

worry not, the buyer will come back and fill the order requirement

Thank you very much for your reply and for sharing your experience. Very useful!

Thank you for the reply and for calming me down:)

You still facing the same issue?
Not resolved yet?

This is just to keep you updated on the case. I contacted Help Service and followed their instructions. Thus they were aware of the details from the first steps and gave me good assistance. So the case has been resolved!

There’s 3 ways of solving this issues.

  1. Ask the client to Extend the delivery time.
  2. If there’s no response of the Buyer, then you need to go to resolution center and cancel the order before the order becomes late or it will affect your seller stats.
  3. You can also contact Customer Support for advice.

This is an old post. See the post above. The case has been resolved.

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