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Need advice regarding delivering the order


I have been here on fiverr providing my services as a logo designer for like 2 months. The problem I am facing that when I deliver the order on time and after 3 days when it gets closed and buyer don’t bother to check it within those 3 days , what they mostly do is that without any hesitation and giving any thought when they don’t like the design they give a “Negative review”. I have written in the gig description that modification/revisions will be given , even after all that you can get refund if you don’t really like the design. Kindly do advice me what to do , how to handle such buyers , who don’t know anything or read anything about fiverr’s terms & conditions and they just mislead others when they are the ones who are at fault. Thanks :slight_smile:

Very relevant question … Seniors plz. comment on this…

Hi there,

there have some kind of cheat buyers, we can’t do anything to them according to fiverr system, if we did not accept their request, they will give negative Feedback to us, so it means our rating will be down, so you have to handle that kind of things calm and patient, no anything to do against to them, I had faced also that kind of situations,


What does your message to the buyer say when you deliver the order?

What if you included a message like, "Please review the attached logo and let me know what you think. If you don’t like it or need me to make any modifications, please let me know. If it does work for you, please mark this order as completed and leave me a positive review."

I know there is no guarantee that a buyer will read or care about the message, but I think it will help.



On every order I deliver (Unless they are regulars) I use this boilerplate when I deliver:

Here Ya Go!

Please let me know how it works for you.

One last thing...
Please remember to mark this order as complete by leaving a few kind words of satisfaction in the feedback box's really Fiverr standing depends on it.
(I personally consider anything less than 5 stars to be a failure on my part.)
There you can express your comment.
(If you think I messed up, no problem. Just let me know before you leave any feedback and I'll fix it.)

Thank You!
-Dave (LiquidLettuce) :)

Love that message Dave. Will be ‘borrowing’ that.

I always, when delivering the product, write this message to my client:

Thank you for your patience, as I got to your order. Now, your aritcle has been edited and copyscape checked. However, if you should see something I missed, do let me know so that I can re-edit it for you. While I try not to let mistakes get by me, I am human and it can happen. Thank you for your business.

Myself: I never mention anything about leaving feedback. But I do let them know that I’ll be glad to re-edit the material without hesitation. I’ve rarely had an issue to date…

Good luck!


@emeraldawnn That’s a fine message too.

I think the important lesson here is to let your buyers know that you actually care about their project.

I do 2 simple things to let them know. Using above boilerplate is one. The other is contacting them after they order to let them know WHEN I will actually be working on their project. I usually write them a quick message like the following (These are different for every order):

Hi, Thanks for your order!
I just wanted to let you know that I have your studio time scheduled for Tuesday Afternoon (New York Time).

I gave your script a once-over and it looks pretty straight-forward. I do have a question about how to pronounce "someword?" Is it "some-word" or something else?

-Dave (LiquidLettuce) :)

Sending a message like that doesn't leave the buyer hanging. They know exactly when I have them on the schedule. It's the professional thing to do. GOOD COMMUNICATION, in my experience, is what puts you over the top and gets me comments like "The best on Fiverr!".

Thanks a lot everyone for taking out their time and leaving some precious advice, especial thanks to Dave , Great tip dude. Will keep that in mind…

is there anyway to do a WATERMARK ( sorry caps ) to say if no revision is necessary

then I will send you the real delivery ( then expecting 5 star review ).

does this make sense ?

at least they will read it.