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Need Advice: SHould I delete my gig and start over


Hi all,…I’m having a heck of a time all of the sudden on Fiverr and need some advice.

I have a Fiverr gig to do promotion for Etsy sellers and their shops. I was up to 13 orders, have had people buy my gig extras and had all 5 star reviews.

As of a few days ago,…my gig was removed 100% from any search and my sales have stopped.

Before this time, I did two things different. 1. I put my account on vacation for a day and I created another gig for Etsy promotion that was similar yet different than my standing gig.

I’ve been in touch with customer service and although I’m sure they meant to be helpful, I’m still left confused.

I was told the following" Quickly looking at your three active Gigs, they’re nearly identical services (promoting an Etsy shop). Due to our editorial guidelines, we don’t promote similar active Gigs if you already have an existing Gig that promotes a similar service. Additionally, we don’t encourage or promote content from other marketplaces. So your best bet is to suspend/delete the duplicate Gigs and create new and unique Gigs for our editors to review to include in to search."

So I get that, even though there are a few top sellers in this niche who have 5 or 6 gigs like this,…all very similar , in some cases with only one word in the gig title being different. They come up in top searches and they promote the other Marketplace which is Etsy.

Soooooo, I’m confused. I can’t figure out if my account was just randomly chosen to restrict, if it was the vacation mode that triggered something,…or what exactly.

I am doing very well with the initial gig and don’t want to delete it,…I did however, delete the other two as stated above. I am hoping that eventually, I will end up in Fiverr searches again or is that just wishful thinking. Should I start over? Has anyone else dealt with this?

I am not at all bashing Fiverr or their staff,…I get the general idea of what support was saying,…it just doesn’t seem consistent with what we actually see on Fiverr in present gigs and searches.


Drop the newly made gig, keep the one with ratings. change it once in a while and edit some of the words in it or refresh the video. this sometimes plays a big role in movement for your gig on here. However Fiverr has a system in place that may or may not recognize the change but its helped me in some cases.