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Need Advice to get first order

Hello, so nice be here, read many topic about first order, get level 2, customer satisfaction and many more

i think so easy to get first order here, but i think not so easy hehe little hard, maybe because i still new in here

or maybe you have a tips and trick how to get first job

i’m so happy if you want share your experiment about first order gig

Thank you ^^

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While waiting for your first job, you may check other Gigs offering the same as yours. Learn from them, try to improve and check and double check your Gigs.
Marketing is key for beginners and for all in general: try to get more exposure, share in social media, and be patient :wink: without a “sit and wait” attitude.

Well… there may be a mistake in your sentence, but is there a better word to call Fiverr at the beginning than an “experiment”? :slight_smile:
Do exacly that: experiment with your Gigs, what works and what will not, change, be open minded, compare… There is no really trick on that. Your Gigs are your own business, and like in every business you need to work hard to make it run!
All the best!!

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thank you @wuerz123 i’ll try

Be positive. Keep a positive approach to your potential buyers.
You have 10 daily offers to send. Check the Buyers request section to look for buyers. Send your offers to the ones who fit your skills and be patient. Your chance will come!

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how can i use fiverr as a online network for my job

@happy_211 If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.