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Need advise about WP Speed Up

Dear All,
I am a WP website developer. I have done few speedup project of WP. During speedup sometime I saw, after optimize data, Pic, code, manually & with plugin the google page speed insight tools doesn’t provide good score on mobile. Also, Customer’s server response time is so good. But I Don’t get good score from google on mobile version.

As a result I cancel few order.

My request is… Pls help me, how I can solve this & how I
can learn advance level WP speed optimaztion.

As far as how you can learn new skills, and improve those that you already have… you can take classes, or you can learn how to do something on your own via tutorials and such. No one here, on these forums can make you better at your own skills. You’re going to have to be ambitious enough to find a place/way that will teach you, and then apply those new skills to your overall skill set.

It is also not wise to offer a service on Fiverr that you cannot do. Offering a service that you are not skilled in, and then having to cancel orders because you can’t complete those skills will hurt your Fiverr seller analytics.


Thanks for your suggestion… do u have any source where i can teach in advance…?

I do not. But it’s not my place to take away the work you need to do to build your own success. There are plenty of places where you can learn new skills. You are going to have to discover and choose them for yourself.