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Need advise as a new member

I feel lost. Things aren’t going well in my life I don’t know what to do.

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Have you considered making an appointment with a psychiatrist? Their job is to help their patients work through challenges that hold them back in life. Feeling lost would be one of the things they can help with.


When you feel like this find some way to make a big change for the better. Be open to new things. Try something completely different. Move, go where you’ve never been before, try a totally new approach to things. Take a class online. Apply for a new job. Exercise. Change your hair style. Get a new shirt. Make any type of change you can make.

The main thing is to get unstuck from the old ways. Life is all about changes and staying stuck in some way can lead to what you are feeling and describing.


You Know the computer’s users when use computer more than limit they Have Voice like you. I also have. I also Live unhappy most of time because I’m spending all my night face to computer and day sleeping when I’m frustrated, lost, heart broken At last I support to die myself, because no happy, no friend…

Then What should I do You know Then I leave computer for some day and spend all my time with my cousin out of home and even spend a night with him by Playing, Joking, talking then smoothly I get starting my calmness.

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