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Need advise! Buyer cancelled the order after getting sample file!

Hello everyone!

2 weeks after completing my first work received a message for 50$ service (Mentioned in the msg that budget is 50$) of web research and buyer asked for a sample file with 5 records before making the order. I was excited and believed that buyer. So, I spent my 3 hours for sample file. Sent it via message option and buyer liked it, appreciated it. After that asked me how many records I can do within 50$ budget and there were little negotiations. But in the next day, buyer sent a message and told me that buyer doesn’t need this service anymore. If anything changes will let me know.

I was so shocked and think that buyer get someone else with less rate using my sample file. Really disappointing!!!

Please advise me, if my way of communication with buyer was right or I need to improve in some points.

Thank you in advance!


Hey paul_kish,
What I think whenever you received any message, first of fall you should see that that is that buyer or seller. The seller should check the reviews of that buyer in this way you will get to know how that buyer is. After that, the seller should send a beautiful message to the buyer. Talk to buyer and tell them about your gigs.

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Hi @himanshuraik464

Thank you for your good advise. This is a good point to check.

But you know, I have check buyer’s profile but there was no review at all and he/ she opened account only December 2019. So, in this case, it might be a seller’s account and took the ready file from me. So stupid!!

Do you have any idea that sending a sample file before creating order is okay or not??


Don’t offer free samples. If they want a sample, offer a paid one (for $5 or $10 or whatever you feel would be a fair price).


@catwriter good idea. Thank you so much :slight_smile: will follow it.

Also, don’t feel bad if they refuse to pay for a sample. It just means they’ve never intended to buy, and you’ve dodged a bullet. :slight_smile:



@catwriter yes, got it :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again!

So I think whenever you send any demo(image), you should make a watermark on that demo(image). in this path, they cannot copy your demo(image)file. Even in my case whenever a buyer asks me for the demo file, I send it with my watermark.

@himanshuraik464 This is what came in my mind later after happening this. Actually I was confident and thought authentically. I never thought people will do that.

Thank you for reminding me again. I will follow this from next time.

Thank you so much!

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Always we are here to help you brother.

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