Need advise to Improve My GIG


Hey All,

i am very new t this platform. So not very well verse with the system.

i request to all of you please visit my account and tell me what is wrong, i am not getting any order.
is there something wrong with GIG or with title.

My profile link is

Please i need your valuable feedback.

thank you


I can see, that you have got orders and reviews


yes any suggestion how i can improve my GIG view to draw customer?


I have also started last month like you… I have got 2 orders for 300 USD, then nothing.I am using this money for Facebook promotion. I have created a page and boosting posts (GIGS)


Thank you for valuable feedback.


use buyer request and share your gig on social media


I would suggest that you create as many gigs as you are allowed. I’ve noticed that customers will search specific words so, for example, if they are looking or someone who writes website content, they may not click on my gig offering a product description even though they are both writing. If you are a designer, can you design a fancier logo, flyer, brochure, Pinterest pins, Facebook images, etc? Create a unique gig for each of those items that you can do to help people find you in the search.


create a video for your gig, send 10 daily buyer request, Add skill to your profile, add language


Thank you for your valuable feedback. yes i do logo, flyer, brochure, Facebook images.


thank you, will do some videos