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Need affordable, high quality content written by a Huffington Post contributer?

Hello people of Fiverr!! I hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve put up two new gigs today providing my writing services. The first one provides you with 6 high quality ORIGINAL articles with full PLR rights. They are all motivational articles about setting and achieving goals and are perfect for sending out to any e-mail list, website or adding to an EBook and you get the full rights to use them however you want. You can publish it under your name, use my name. Whatever is best for you.

Extras on this gig include a 500 word original article for $10 or a special offer of a 1500 word article for $20.

My other gig is for an original 250 word article for $5, this can be on any subject you choose and you have the option of me writing it in a basic, informational style or you can make use of my comedy background and have the article following a comedy style.

You get the full rights to publish this article under your name and to use it in any way you see fit.

For those of you who want to see a bit of my work before purchasing any gig, here is my article for the Huffington Post

And I am happy to send you samples on request if you message me.




Since you have been a professional journalist/writer for Huffington post, I am curious as to your purpose in switching from 1st person to 3rd person and back to 1st person in your profile and gig description. I am also a writer without as many prestigious credentials so I’d love to understand. Fiverr must be quite a chance from previous jobs!

I’m glad you pointed out the mistake on my profile, serves me right for copying and pasting! No wonder I’ve struggled to pick up gigs on here.

No, I’m not a journalist in any sense of the word, I’m a column writer for a number of UK print publications, online businesses and the Huffington Post. A few examples of my work are:

I am only offering writing services on here because I was working a separate day job until recently and this was an opportunity to find some extra work for a small bit of extra money.

Of course, making such a clear mistake in a profile offering writing work isn’t a great way to make a first impression!

UK News and Opinion - The Huffington Post United Kingdom

Actually, it might be a good way to make a first impression. After all, it tricked me into replying on the forums! I thought there might have been some writer’s secret trick there that they didn’t teach me in college. Now that I know it was just a plain typo, the chemistry between us is gone… J/K! Well, good luck on Fiverr. I bet if you keep mentioning your Fiverr profile on your sites you’ll draw more traffic.

I would recommend you write a Huffington Post article on your gig. That would be a good way to drive some traffic.

Haha, actually I have an article about fiverr going up on the Huffington Post on Monday, so I’ll see how that goes!

Haha, thanks fonthaunt - maybe I should be lazy more often if it sparks discussion that well!

can u post it for me ?
I can pay 50$ for 1 post in huffington

contact me if you can