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Need an "accept order" option


I’ve seen the sticky post on how to create a better gig. I’ve seen earlier threads based on which Fiverr allowed mutual closure of a sale without affecting the seller’s rating.
However, when a seller creates a gig, I’d appreciate it if they could choose an option allowing them to start working on the gig only if the buyer has submitted a reasonable request.
I put up a gig for $10, offering a service that wouldn’t take more than an hour to execute. Some unknown buyer who has no past purchase history or gigs and has just “sssasasa” mentioned on his (assuming male) description, tries to buy my service, giving me work that’s worth a minimum of $900 worth of work.
I message, saying that it’s not the kind of service I’m providing, and he asks me to cancel.
I click mutual cancellation.
He rejects the cancellation and asks if I could help anyway.
I give reasons why I can’t do so immediately but offer to hear him out on a later date, and click mutual cancel again.
This time he accepts.
I immediately put the gig on pause since I’m worried if someone else would make unreasonable demands.

Even later when I get in touch, he’s a bit unreasonable with his demands and I’m worried that this can happen in future too.

I think many of us would be very grateful if Fiverr provided an option where the buyer places an order and then the seller has the option to either accept or reject the order. This does not have to be a default option for all gigs. The seller can choose if they want the order to be of this type, and the buyer will be able to see that it’s this type of a gig, before they place an order.

Even in the real-world, a seller always has the option of choosing whom he wants to sell a service to. I believe it should be the same in the virtual world. Apart from this, I find Fiverr to be a fantastic site. I love the way y’all have provided the option of creating services with various packages and custom options.


You need this option but it seems that Fiverr doesn’t want to create this option. So, you have to work without it!

You should create a more complete gig description with:

  • What is included in your 10$ gig
  • What is not included in your 10$ gig


Thanks carineb. My gig had a detailed description and FAQ. The buyer ignored all that and posted an unreasonable buy request. I felt bullied. A buyer shouldn’t be able to hold a seller to ransom in this way.

I’m sure the creators of Fiverr would consider this request. I can see there’s a lot of care that has gone into building this site.


Now if you cancel, your delivery ratio will be reduced, but it was all the buyers fault, he should have discussed before making the order.

We want a mutually beneficial environment here.
I appreciate your post


The amount of description we can make in the gig package options, to be honest it is not always enough. I provide tons of services that three gig packages are insufficient to offer.

I think client should ask first, if I am free to work or willing to work for him.


The restaurant industry has the “86” option to refuse service to clients:
Most recently came to prominence after the RedHen incident. I don’t know Fiverr’s reason to not provide the option, but it really is a helpful/necessary option to have.
Update: If lawsuits are the issue, its just a matter of making buyers accept an agreement that sellers may refuse service and Fiverr is not liable.
The “accept order” button is not a default. It’s an option the seller chooses to include or not include when creating a gig.
If buyers are in so much of a hurry, Fiverr can add a condition that the buyer can simultaneously give a purchase request to another seller if the first seller (with accept order option activated) does not respond in 10 minutes. If there are problems with this approach, there are solutions too. Note that there are many other freelancers who want such an option.


By having the ability to refuse orders, sellers could potentially turn down orders from buyers based on a number of criteria, some of which may be spurious, others may be well-founded.

If refused service, buyers may feel they’d been discriminated against for whatever perceived reason which could cause legal problems for sellers and Fiverr.

I know discrimination laws vary from country to country, but it could be something as simple as this which is the reason Fiverr doesn’t have an accept/refuse button.


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Your argument goes against all economic theory. For a Seller to refuse work without good reason will put him out of business very quickly. fiverr already has more Sellers than it comfortably needs. Normally the way to the top is good quality products and service but that is not what fiverr promotes (except through lip-service.)

Making this an option for sellers would satisfy the OP (and me) and allow Sellers like you to take the other road. You could do business your way and it wouldn’t affect you. So there is no real reason for you to object.


I think that suggestion is good for future improvement in Site:sunglasses:


navinpro, this is a brilliant idea (wish I had thought of it myself.)

With fiverr’s new Cancellation Policy we will all be seeing a lot more of this. Already Levels are becoming a carnival ride with Sellers bouncing back and forth from month to month. Sellers go from Level Two to Level Zero and then have to crawl their way back.

Of course then they have to fight the new Search algorithms, which even fiverr admits are broken.


I think there are some other ways to do this. Fiverr can add something like “Did you contacted seller before?” If answer is yes, buyer can proceed otherwise he’ll directed to messages. We know if buyer contacted us we can asses his requirement and provide a custom offer which he can accept or denied.


Conveying ideas succinctly and in efficient ways is an art that should be practiced by everyone, specially by sellers!

Hope this hepls.


Here is the thing.
As a buyer, if I had to place orders knowing that the seller may just refuse it within whatever time period (and given that this is a global platform it would need to be 12-24 hours) I just wouldn’t buy here from anyone I didn’t know. Why would I? It could all be a waste of time.
It would almost guarantee that nobody would hire new sellers as there is no proof that they are even active on the platform. IF I was to order, I would limit purchases to those who have hundreds of orders and have delivered a good number of orders in the previous few days.

And how about the payment step? When would that happen? When I place the order? Then there is the cost of the seller rejecting it to either me or Fiverr.
When the seller accepts it? What if there is an issue with payment as is quite common? I as the buyer am no longer at the screen to reenter my card details or PP password.

All in all, this idea SEEMS like it would solve lots of problems but in fact it would cause an awful lot more as well as reducing sales across the platform as buyers move to a simpler platform.


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I wouldn’t be in favor of an accept order button. However, a basic ability to void orders placed in error is now years overdue. Even if CS had an ability to manually cancel this would be something. Sadly, it simply ain’t going to happen.


Out of everything that you said that was just totally wrong. This is definitely a consideration—but certainly not as insurmountable as you make it seem.

It is a simple matter to notify the Buyer before he buys the gig that it is subject to Seller approval. The system would notify him his order was not placed—including several checkboxes to explain why. The Seller could follow up with a detailed message. No money has changed hands.

Also you seem to forget with all your doom and gloom about the platform collapsing that this is an option the Seller can take on a gig by gig basis.


From your mouth to the fiverr God’s ears. The argument about refunds is still a good one and this new idea does eliminate that.

However their new Cancellation Policy has made the situation worse.


How is this helpful?

Basically you are telling the poster to suck it up and not bother fiverr.


This is not helpful. It is not responsive to the question.

Ganging up is an intimidation tactic no matter how innocently you make the comment.