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Need an advice about order cancellation

I am a buyer.
I contacted a seller here on Fiverr, asked about the price and the number of days for this work. She told me the price and said, that 4 days is enough.

After 4 days she delivered - and I see… almost nothing… Like 1% of work. I send it to the revision - she asked 2.5 more days.

After 3 days (today) she contacted me and ask me for 8 more days. AWhen I told, that I don’t have this time (and I really don’t have it), she ask me for 4 days. The problem that after 4 days thiswork will be useless for me, I will not need it anymore, I need it now.

I can give her 2 days, but she ask for 4 - I can’t give it and want to cancel this order, that was totally terrible.

What should I do? How should I act? Now the order is still in the revision


If she has not delivered what was promised, then I think you should cancel it. I don’t think it is going to get better, no matter how many times she tries.

See if you can find a seller who can deliver it both better and faster. You may have to pay more for this.


Thank you! I understand, that I will pay more - I will pay for my mistake and for my lesson about what sellers we can choose. I am a seller as well, and I know how it works, I know what is ok for sellers and what is not. Also, she told me the price and after 4 days, when the order was already in the revision, she asked me about more money few times - this is not ok as well, because she told me the price and sent a custom offer, she was agree for everything.
I think you are right - I will not get what I need, it is better to cancel