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Need an advice about the situetion

I was ordering a logo .
Before the order was a very good communication with the seller …

After the order the seller almost didnt answear my questions.

Then its flow down to long delay for the first mockup that was created at due date.

After my rejecting the seller didnt commit again the due date .

During my rejecting I asked for cancellation and the seller did provide it very fast but after my secound thoght I rejected the cancellation .

Then stil not response at all from the seller .
So I did open my self again ticket for cancellation at the resolution centre .

Is that anything wrong I’m doing ?

And very important question …

It is possible that seller which struggling to provide my order getting so many sells and reviews??

If is that possible that this account review most of it its payed reviews ?
Is that really reviews ?
How possible to produce soo many so fast and so much struggle with me :man_shrugging:?

Looking forward for advice or opinion what should I do in order to get a real logo for my new project .?

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So sorry to hear about your bad experience on Fiverr.
Yes,it seems they have paid reviews especially when their review didnt include their provided work.

Fast correspondence and feedback is key to success,if seller fails to deliver or atleast respond to your queries,I strongly recommend to cancel the order.

If they have any issue regarding delivery,they should have respect client’s valuable time and atleast explain this to client. Its really rude and highly unprofessional to ignore.

There are many other legit sellers on Fiverr. But I admit its pretty hard to find one.
I’m also a certified graphic designer,I’d like to help.
You can send me your requirements via Fiverr inbox and we will look into. I’ll send you a draft before actual order being placed so you’re sure what you are getting if you hire me.

I know its not ideal situation to provide free mockups but as you already hurt by other seller so I’d love to help so you can build some trust on Fiverr.

Hope it helps…
I’m always here to answer any question.

Best regards,