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Need An Event Name - How Would You Request A Gig?


This is something that isn’t really offered that I can tell so I’m going to request a gig.

Is it possible for sellers to submit their suggestions and the gig is only granted to the ‘winner’? How would you do this?


I understand what you’re asking, but I don’t think it’s possible. Most people will not work for free hoping they might “win” a gig. I suggest searching a little more and finding a seller whose services closely match your needs. You can send them a message, explain your needs, and see if they are available.

I found several sellers who seem to offer gigs you might be interested in by searching “create name”.

Best of luck to you!


Here’s my favorite copywriter who I frequently collaborate with:

Like kiss said, there are several sellers who can help you.


Hey, I am a business professional. If you need a name for your business do contact me. Just provide me with some details on your business and I will think of a cool, catchy, interesting name that your customers will remember.


Thanks everyone. I haven’t seen a “name” gig before and browsing didn’t help. I appreciate all the help!