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Need an Honest Suggestion

Hello everyone,
I sent a buyer request yesterday, they replied and ask me to send my CV on their provided mail address. They said that they need my CV,my mail id and more details about my project. Fiverr blocked their account due to out of fiverr conversation.
So what should I do weather contact them or not?

Don’t respond to them through email or send them any ID, just ignore it.
If I misread and you mean should you contact Fiverr, then don’t contact them as they’ve already dealt with it by blocking their account.
Have a good day. :slight_smile:

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Only if you want to get permanently banned from Fiverr.

You might want to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, so you can learn what’s allowed and what isn’t, and so you don’t break the rules and get yourself banned.


Don’t do that. It’s a violation of Fiverr’s TOS.


Ok thank you all for the kind suggestions.

In addition to what the others said, realize this was not a legitimate, real offer. This was a scam of some kind.

You can assume any time you see someone trying to get you to communicate by email off fiverr it’s a scam, so ignore that person and report them.


Ok I’ll be careful for next time.Thanks