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Need an invoice/receipt

Is there someway to get an invoice/receipt for payments made to Fiverr? The Paypal notice is not enough.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You could ask customer support, they may be able to supply one.

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Hi thomasriley, same boat - Did you figure it out? TIA :slight_smile:

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You can download a CSV file from the revenue page. It’s not quite an invoice/receipt, but it’s the most complete financial data you can get on the site.


I need a invoice for payment made to
PayPal is not enough … how to get it .

to get your invoice click on your username, then click settings. on the settings click on account settings. once the account settings load scroll down and fill in your details

I had filled in my billing information etc. but still can’t find where to print out / download an invoice ?
I had visited this page but that does not help.

I still don’t get invoices for my payments


Insanity. How can it be there is no facility to download invoices.
Are the customers not businesses?

You are replying 2 years later and everything changes.

If you are experiencing a problem it is best to create a topic and you will get specific replies that reflect the current situation.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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