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Need an invoice/receipt

Is there someway to get an invoice/receipt for payments made to Fiverr? The Paypal notice is not enough.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You could ask customer support, they may be able to supply one.


Hi thomasriley, same boat - Did you figure it out? TIA :slight_smile:

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You can download a CSV file from the revenue page. It’s not quite an invoice/receipt, but it’s the most complete financial data you can get on the site.


I need a invoice for payment made to
PayPal is not enough … how to get it .

to get your invoice click on your username, then click settings. on the settings click on account settings. once the account settings load scroll down and fill in your details

I had filled in my billing information etc. but still can’t find where to print out / download an invoice ?
I had visited this page but that does not help.

I still don’t get invoices for my payments


Insanity. How can it be there is no facility to download invoices.
Are the customers not businesses?

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You are replying 2 years later and everything changes.

If you are experiencing a problem it is best to create a topic and you will get specific replies that reflect the current situation.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Getting a receipt in Fiverr, is like taking a quantum physics test…this should MUCH easier to find!!!

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Wait - you found a receipt (not an invoice, a receipt)? Do tell where…!

please go the above link. its a business owned by fiverr. u can get ur invoices there.

Just figured out how to save the invoices and figured I’d share!

When on the order details page, when you click the “view invoice” and are taken to the online invoice page, if you right click and hit “print,” when you’re on the print page, click the dropdown printer options menu and select “save as pdf.”

Hopefully this helps with those who are looking for a workaround solution. I wish Fiverr would just add a “download invoice/pdf” option to their orders page but i guess the technology just isn’t there yet. :man_shrugging:t3:


It’s like asking for the impossible. They are just accommodated with the luxury of PayPal doing it for them.