Need An Online Tutor? I Will Teach Online Lessons Within A Day


Hello, My Name is Caitlin. I’m a British Student, who in my spare time, wants to teach international students in subjects such as Maths, English Language, Geography and Chemistry.

Each lessons costs only $5, which is considerably lower compared to other tutors. My lessons are structured towards your needs and requirements and your target grades.
How do these lessons work?
Within 24 hours, I will send you a high quality, descriptive and useful lesson on which ever subject you require. If you are taking an exam, I will require what exam board you are taking to look at the specification and understand what you would need to know.
Each lesson contains extra worksheets, powerpoints, word documents, video links to YouTube Videos, possibly past papers and even revision cards to help you when it comes to practice revision. I can also recommend workbooks that you can order online for additional work. Free of charge, I will answer any questions or provide more work on certain areas if you are struggling, within 24 hours.
These lessons are aimed mainly at High School students, however I can teach anyone but not advanced lessons.

Any questions, feel free to contact me or leave questions below! I use an extensive range of resources, from websites that offer teaching resources, using exam specifications, a lot of revision guides and workbooks and also CloudLearn (online tutoring site).

If interested please click this link: