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Need an opinion on not getting order


It has been ages since i am using Fiverr but i did not get single order till now. it makes me feel bad whether my gig needs improvement or buyers are giving orders to seniors not to new sellers. I need seniors opinion and help regarding this.


This is spam and will get you into trouble with the moderators.The only place to put a link to tell people about your gig is in the category My Fiverr Gigs.


which one is spam? my gigs or the one who posted his ad above yours?


Yours is fine. The one that has now been withdrawn was spam.

Here is a link to help you get orders


oh thank you. can you tell me why am i not getting orders? like how fiverr actually works?


If you want to know how Fiverr works check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.