Need an option to extend the delivery time



I thought we need to have this option where seller can request buyer to extend the time of delivery. Today I’ve two orders in my bucket but due to some technical issues I am not able to work on those orders. These issues are related to third party and I have no control over this.

I think many sellers must be facing these kind of issues.




Yeah its annoyed me as a buyer when I cant opt to extend the time when I know the seller is doing everything correctly.


I have had to deliver on a gig before the timer runs out even though I have not finished the work due to similar issues. The buyer then has to trust that I will actually finish the work and deliver it to them. I haven’t had any complaints about that, because I only do it when I have had sufficient communication with the buyer.

That being said, YES! We need a way to request more time on a job.


Absolutely support this! Fiverr needs to add this option where both the buyer and the seller mutually agree to extend the delivery time.

Sometimes a lot of unexpected things happen or just a seller gets too many orders in a day, so at times it can be literally impossible to deliver on time.


They are improving themselves continously and I hope that they are going to add this feature in near future.

BTW, its the most demanded feature from sellers.


I agree. There should be an option to extend delivery time if both parties agree.


The issue might also happen with writing gigs, if I have question that the seller cannot immediately respond. In that case you have to earn the trust of the buyer and deliver the gig, and finish it later.


So… any word on how to extend a delivery time? I just had someone place an order that doesn’t quite fit what they are looking for. I can do it but I need an extra 24hrs, I’ve already informed my client and I’m waiting on what they have to say but I’m pretty sure they don’t mind the extra time. I just need to know how to extend the delivery time :stuck_out_tongue:


Through the Resolution Center, choose the Extend Delivery option.


Thanks Catwriter. This is going to save me from cancellation/reordering :heart_eyes: