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Need answer to a very simple question

Some people might think why to get so mad, because this is not the first time it happened

I have written ton of text to support

Up until now, I think I have called support team 3-4 times, every time I got no support

This time when I called

In simple words, problem was this

The buyer and I agreed on something, it is clearly present in chat and also in order

I delivered the order

The buyer asked more, I provided to avoid cancellation

He asked more and more, I got it that he just want me to get angry, and want work for free

So I called support and I only asked the fiverr team to cross check what we agreed on

I told them to check the offer, check the chat, check the delivery if it matches what we agreed

Many assistants came for same support ticket but only response was “Cancel the order”
“move forward”

I was frustrated (now also I am) because this was not first time someone was scamming me

and moreover fiverr support did nothing as always

If you get scammed one time, then same person may approach you with other accounts, and you can’t see because he is p a y ing but later you understand yourself that you are ********* again

I asked for very basic thing, I did not told them any story or excuses, I just asked to cross check

That is very basic thing a seller will expect in situation like this if he is victim

If cancellation is only support fiverr provides to seller who work hard for you and from whom you guys take huge 20% then how you are providing support?

The buyer wins in any situation

I am not targeting but just think about it, where is basic justice for seller, how you provide support to him

Some buyers have learned a trick (actually many but this is one of them, most effective seller can’t do $hit about it), they come place order and make some excuse and get money back, so only money they are p aying is $2 (or $5) that is also to you (fiverr) guys not seller

and for providing a great service the seller gets order cancellation rate to red, gig rank in search results decreased as REWARD.

Please provide some solution

I haven’t got any help from fiverr team for this, and I am so frustrated that I have decided to assume that there is no support on fiverr

You play on luck, if you get good, genuine buyer you are lucky, if you get s*cker you are destroyed

I don’t want fiverr team asking here what is the problem again, I have written like thousand of words literally to support ticket

And I know fiverr will not help in the particular order because it is already cancelled

Just tell me how do you provide support except cancelling order if seller is right???



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Thank you for replying.

I have attached the offer, just see and tell me that I did not told him clearly

I offered 1 revision

Really thank you for replying

but Sorry, your reply is not the answer I am looking for


I am getting pretty frustrated about the way the Fiverr platform is arranged as well. Honestly, there really isn’t a way to avoid these scams.
If I am going to be 100% honest, Fiverr seems to be a bit of a waste of time; other freelancing platforms have become better, encourage legitimate sellers/buyers, and keep you more protected from scams (not sure if I’ll be flagged for mentioning them).


Thank you for reply

I am looking for an answer how does fiverr help sellers if seller is victim excect cancelling order?

Please share this so that we can know

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If you only offered one revision, then why did you keep making them?

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problem is not that, he took more work, ok, but at least I should have received the m o n e y on that order

he placed dispute and fiverr support did nothing to help me, I provided more than what we agreed, do you have answer to this?

That’s a simple question?

I only read the first few lines.

I agree with Fiverr CS.

Cancel and move on.

It stings, but it is also a valuable lesson to know that (just like in the real world) there are people out there who are going to play you.

I’m sorry this has happened to you, but it has happened to many of us here (myself included).

You just have to dust yourself off and carry on.


I understand what you are saying, the order is cancelled

I just want to know

Is there nothing in fiverr policy that protects sellers?

There is, yes, but it’s best to identify them yourself, so that you know what they are, rather than relying on others to tell you.

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You said you read first few lines,

this is not the first time its happened to me

I have mentioned above

Same person comes with different accounts, its not just for me, as you said its all over

I do that already. When you will have this experience repeatedly again and again in future, I am sure you will understand. Thank you for kind answers, really helpful.

Let me correct this

I do that already. When you will have this experience repeatedly again and again in future, AND FIVERR SUPPORT GIVES YOU 0 ZERO SUPPORT, I am sure you will understand. Thank you for kind answers, really helpful.

Unfortunately, they don’t; you just have to be more cautious about making sure the buyer is not a scam before agreeing to an order.

I’ve already dealt with this in the past, so I already know how to avoid it: don’t get drawn into the situation in the first place. I’ve already set my boundaries, I know where my personal line is drawn, I have it stated explicitly in both my gigs and in the text of every custom offer. And, if I do find myself in the situation, despite my proactive precautions, I do not move forward. I canceled by quoting the ToS to CS.


I did not post this to argue with people.

Thank you for reply

I know this post will fade away most probably, because no one cares really

most people on fiverr forum just want likes, or someone their first order

no one helps

What can I say about such support, worst experience thats what I got

Thank You for giving your time to write these suggestions for me
Really Thank You :heart:

If you’re just venting, that’s fine, but you didn’t imply that. What I shared was trying to help. I’ve provided links to three resource points.

Whenever anyone askes for help, there will be conflicting information. Especially on a public forum.

You’re very welcome. If I may offer one more, here is at least one case of outright, plainly written, Fiverr support for sellers:


Then why fiverr support did not help me

I did not got any money

The support didn’t even say that they will review my order, there only moto was cancellation

That was just an example, one specific to chargebacks. Your order was not a chargeback, as far as I can tell. This is why it’s important to know all the rules and resources.