Need Answers to my queries


Hello, I’m Anna, I have come across something and I was wondering if is possible. Is it possible for a buyer to cancel an offer after the offer have already been marked as completed and the funds are already generated?
And is is it possible for a buyer to cancel an order without you the seller being notified?
I came across this issues lately and it has greatly reduced my completed orders and it is still on progress reducing it.
And finally I’m to refund money I without any feedback on whether my work had issues on it or not.


From my experience as a seller we are not notified if a buyer cancels. Sometimes it comes as a chargeback after the order is completed…Sadly we just take the loss which is unfortunate.


I always get notified or maybe it was because the buyer always opens up a dispute


yeah it is possible … anytime it can be happen


But it doesn’t explains why my status keeps reducing when days go


Okay, I see. Meaning sellers have no power here


You know my only cancellation was in my first few months on Fiverr so perhaps it’s changed but didn’t realize we are contacted (on chargebacks).


exactly. fiverr give their priority to the buyer . nothing to do :frowning:


Hope you never have to encounter this again, I had some orders canceled because I had no time or because the buyer created an other without notifying me before and thus decided on the bid.


Some how is normal, the priority is to those who bring in funds not to those who try to make funds


Hi Anna…so on your gig do you state to be contacted prior to placing an order? Usually people are free to place orders and you will find many buyers won’t read your gig so I would highlight this part and make it as clear as possible. You could maybe activate your gigs on days you are able to take on the work too…? (thinking of ideas for you to avoid this).


yeah it normal .but need to give minimum priority . anyway you may contact cs .maybe they can help about this issu


Yeah, it is stated in bold


Okay, I’ll try doing that.


Oh man…I know it’s frustrating when this happens. Yes I would see what CS can do. They are always so helpful. Good luck.


Thank you very much for your replies


Please should in case you have an answer before I do, you can just let me know. Thanks