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Need assistance and help from TRS

I am a level 2 seller and have been at level 2 for a year now. I completed the requirements for the TRS but was not promoted last month. I understand that it is hand-picked but I still want a little transparency so I can improve or get promoted to TRS. I asked the CS to help me but they just didn’t want to tell me any insights(I mean why would they).

But I just want a TRS to look at my profile and help me if possible.
username: junaidmasooddj8

Thank you!


Hi there,

No one knows for sure what the rest of the criteria are but we can assume what most of them may be.

I’d say originality plays a big factor and your “unique 2d video” gig is full of videohive templates.

So that’s one.

Also I don’t know if it bodes well for you that you offer two completely different things. Jack of all trades as they say… you get the idea.


Hi Frank,
Thank you for your time. As you said

I see the many TRS that use go animate and they also use the same “template thing”.


Do you mean that I have 2 gigs of same service or two services in one gig?

You asked for feedback from a TRS.
Reselling a goanimate service that you pay for, is not the same as downloding a template and reusing it over and over and calling your videos unique.

Re: two services
You can’t be a great animator and a great data processor. (Or whatever that other gig is)

Usually TRS are people who truly excel at one thing.


and why bother keeping a data entry gig that only had one sale two years ago?

better to create more animation gigs which are already doing well, and ditch the inactive one.


Doing something simply because other people are doing it is… not good.

I think that’s the politest way I can put it.

I think there is a financial component as well besides the 20K+ earnings. I think they are looking for a higher price point and a good volume of sales. But I could be wrong since they never exactly tell us what goes into the final decision.

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The reason i said that because before this thread i spoke to CS and they asked me to follow what other TRS were doing and look at their profiles.


I know, I thought of that too. But I think TRS is more about the seller’s profile and his service rather than the price.

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I see we moved past the fact that OP is pirating and presenting AE templates as his own work and we are actually trying to figure out how he could make TRS. :slight_smile:

Let me say this:

A few months ago I was asked by Fiverr to refer someone who could set up a Pro profile.

I did refer an old colleague of mine who also happens to be a really successful VH author.

When he was setting up his profile and demo video he actually used some templates in his reel, because they were actual templates that he created and sold over at VH.

The person reviewing his reel/profile spotted them and told him that he needs to remove them from his reel otherwise his Pro profile could not be published. (Even though the templates in this case were actual samples of his work)

So, you can keep telling yourself that since others are doing it, it’s probably fine. But it’s not.

And it won’t make you TRS either.

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I was TRS for a few years, I can tell you CS is not going to tell you what you need to become TRS, they won’t give you specific advice or tell you what you’re doing wrong.

It’s like the lottery, either the editors choose you or they don’t. Either you’re noticed or you aren’t.

The only advice I can give you is create more gigs, then you’ll make more money, your volume will increase, maybe Fiverr will notice you.

If you can do something really original, do it, that might give you a “monopoly” for a while and it might increase your chances of becoming TRS.

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I don’t see it listed on the levels page, but I recall reading somewhere that TRS tend to be leaders in the community. Coming to the forum, participating, and helping others might help you get noticed by the staff. If nothing else there’s lots to learn here just by reading the topics, and plenty of opportunities to assist.

Agree with you. Good point. “It’s like the lottery”
I was win that lottery :sweat_smile:

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I play MegaMillions and Powerball every week. So I know the feeling!

FYI - this doesn’t matter.

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Why do you say that, @derekppc

Because it’s not true.

Coming to the forum and posting will not help you become TRS in any way.

what @frank_d said, it has zero impact.

Interesting, but I’m curious have you had this confirmed by a Fiverr acct manager or anyone in a position to state this at Fiverr to confirm this?