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Need assistance or tips for my gig

Anybody kind enough to give me advice, or tips on my gig.
I sell esports, twitch, gaming, youtube logos.
I have one of the best deals against my competitors yet nobody pays attention to it and I barely get any impressions or clicks.

I offer free 3d mockup, free vector, and unlimited revisions.
And the whole package is only 10$
(Remember, not advertising, this is only for assistance)

Anyways, if you wanna take a look. It can be found here;
Anybody kind enough to help me out, share some tips or tricks? It would mean the world to me.

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I haven’t looked at your gig yet, but I would suggest removing “unlimited revisions” unless you are ACTUALLY willing to do revisions for life. There have been some crazy horror stories here on the forum from people who offered unlimited :joy::sob:

I will say that your video and gig images look good, but on your thumbnails the logos should be bigger (enough to see as a small thumbnail among a whole page of other logo gigs). As they are right now, they’re much too small.

Also, I would put them on a plain background. The images you have behind them now are distracting and you kind of lose the design in them.

Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.

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