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I have been on Fiverr for a couple weeks and I’ve yet to land a job. Please to advise me if I am doing something wrong. I don’t know if my photographs, descriptions, or the Gig title are off. I am humble and will take all constructive criticisms into consideration. I really would love to put my skills to work

Thanks in advance


On your proofreading gig, You lists things to be done, and the case is inconsistent, grammar is lowercase. If I was looking for a proofreader, this would red flag you to me. Also make sure your volume numbers make sense.

Your data entry gig, not really sure what you actually do from the description. Needs much more information. Also your no limit pretty much sounds like a scam. If I send you 10,000 pages of text and say ok, do it in 24 hours like your gig promises, it just isn’t going to happen. This tells buyers you have no experience.

Your Ecounseling gig doesn’t fit with your others. When reading your about you description there is no mention of training to support this gig. It is hard to be a jack of all trades here on fiverr. Buyers are more cautious of people who don’t look focused. I would save this gig for after you have had some success with your others.

Getting your first gig sale is hard. My notes may sound a bit harsh, but fiverr is a tough market and to be successful you need to be good. Your gigs are a reflection of you. I suggest looking at the top sellers in your area and see the types of things they do in their gig descriptions. Obviously you will need to make it your own, but it shows you the type of descriptions that get work.

You can do it, it will take some time.

Good luck!


Dear Orcatek,

Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile and for providing constructive as well as helpful criticisms. I do not find them to be harsh at all. I have done training and have certification in counselling and so I would need to go ahead and edit my education on my profile,thank you for pointing that out .

However, for the proofreading & editing gig I do 10,000 words not pages. 10,000 words is roughly 28 pages based on spacing etc. However I will look at the volume as suggested .

Thanking you,


Dear Althea:

I took a quick look at your profile:

Run down the Improve My Gig Checklist ( '` ). You’ve studied Fiverr Academy, listened to Fiverrcast or read the transcripts, studied the offerings on Fiverr in your niche, read What Color Is Your Parachute? and worked out your favorite skills, and so on, right?

If I started on this checklist for you…
Smiling in profile Image … YES
Professionally dressed in profile image … DEBATABLE
Video in gigs … NO
YOU Appear in your video … NO`
Optimum use of Key Words … NO
Polished English grammar, punctuation, and spelling … NO; Try the Grammarly extension for your browser
Professional-quality copy in your gig description … NO
3 images in Live Portfolio that are custom to this gig and not just pulled from the web …
Read the Fiverr Terms of Service …
Able to point the Buyer to Appropriate Resources to Minimize Miscommunication / Cancellations …
Able to Communicate Clearly with Buyers …

I believe the Proofread and Edit gig should be split into a proofreading gig and an editing gig.

Good luck,


Dear Blaise,

Thank you very much for taking the time to offer your assistance. It is very much appreciated. I will edit my gigs and my profile to ensure that whenever I run through the checklist again I will meet more of the criteria.

With kind regards,