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Need Audio Mixing Done? I can help you

Hello! I’m Jason with Colossal Audio and I’m here to help you with any audio needs you may have in terms of mixing.

I run a few different mixing services including:

“Make your rock or metal mix slam”
“mix your vocal cover to sound professional”
“Reamp your guitar and bass so it slams for rock and metal”
“Provide all inclusive feedback on your music career”
“Mix your videos voice over audio track”

As you can see, I provide varying services including music mixing, voice over mixing, guitar/bass reamping, vocal cover mixing, and a service to analyze the choices you are making in your music career to promote growth as an artist. In terms of pricing, most of my gigs are as low as $5, including entire song mixes.

My primary goal is to help individuals and bands grow as artists and release music that is contributing to the individual music scene that they are operating in. I’ve been through the struggles and know the necessary steps you have to make as an artist to create an impact, and would love to help anyone out who needs that extra push to grow. I provide my services for so cheap due to my love of the labor, and the feeling I get when artists have something they can finally show to their community that they are proud of.

I work primarily with Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk and any sub-genre that falls under those categories, but I am open to working with anything!

If you want to see samples of my work you can visit my Soundcloud page:


sounds like a great gig! goodluck

Thanks Luke! Just hoping to help out some musicians who potentially don’t have financial ability or access to song mixing, or a videographer who maybe wants to get rid of some annoying sound in their video!