Need backlink knowledge


can anyone tell me
how can i get pr9 backlink?


If you will have your link on - it will be pr9 link. - it will be not pr9 link - it can be pr0

pr is “hidden” now - I think it exists and google keeps using it



Pagerank has not been updated since 2013 and so anyone measuring a site’s value for SEO or monetarily by Pagerank is working on data that is 4 years old - that’s a lifetime in SEO.
Google scrapped Pagerank because of the fact it became an obsession for spammers who were selling links and basically going against Google’s whole vision for Search and the internet in general.
Forget Pagerank, it’s dead.


As @eoinfinnegan said, Pagerank is dead. Its death had a rather big impact in the SEO world, and many sellers either haven’t found out about the big news and still promise PR backlinks, or they find it hard or time consuming to re-think their services to adopt newer metrics and promise the undeliverable.

The trend now seems to be that of promising high DA backlinks, where DA is Moz-specific metric indicating a domain’s authority (measured on a scale from 1 to 100). So you’ll most likely be looking for DA50-100 backlinks now.

P.S. according to Moz, DA/PA basically predicts how well a website/page will rank on SERPs