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Need better spam control or things will get out of hand

I usually buy gigs, but recently set up an account to start selling gigs, not long after the account was set up I get this:

"Hey I want to hire you for a short task. I want you to rewrite an article that I found on a website(300 words). If you are interested in this job go to the site and take a look at the article. You must mention the keywords in the heading 3-5 times in the article and use proper English Grammar. Here is the link- [bitly link I removed)"

Now despite not having an article writing gig I got this, this “buyer” was targeting new accounts probably thinking they naive/desperate. The link takes you to a website where you have to click a button to get $2700 in PayPal, which I assume is an ad and the “buyer” is being paid on a CPC basis. The “buyer” is from a brand new (May 2015 account) and from India. Now this type of spam is be problematic as it will be done over and over to get a click to get a view.

Now if this is becoming the norm (there are a lot of other spam complaints on fiverr) then fiverr’s current controls is wholly inaccurate. fiverr needs a report button that goes to a human and swift action then needs to be taken. As a new seller this leaves a bad first impression.

Whenever you get a message like that, just report it to Fiverr.

I get these type of messages at regular times and immediately report them and they get banned from Fiverr.