Need buyer's help


i may not be as best as other designers are but m really hardworking and i do not hesitate to redo the task…i heard a lot about fiverr and i joined it.but since i have uploaded gigz i have no respose till now n m getting upset…please give me chance


You have the same problem as me, no or not much sales. I can only tell you that they look at descriptions and preview images . I did get an translating gig but not more till now )=. You have to makle the description and preview images very good. But yours do seem not bad already )=. Maybe you could invent a crazy gig, something different from other gigs. Common gigs don’t seem to sell well, even if the sellers who sell them normally are overworked…


ill try to invent something crazy but these are the fields i have been since years and m currently working for web but the thing is $5 are less for web design. secondly i cant be a quake or fake here…i have to be, in what m good at.


Unfortunately, Fiverr is a marketplace, not a charity. Buyers come on to this website to buy something they feel is valuable, not to help somebody else make money.

If you don’t believe you have the skills, it’s very hard to see you making any sells until you do have something valuable to offer buyers. Would you go and buy a car that wasn’t as good as another one, just because the dealer wanted a sale?

Bluedxca93 had a cool idea. Try to make a very unique Gig. Or in the meantime, practice, practice, practice. Practice is free, and you can get good at something pretty quickly.


thnx alot n yeah m trying to come up with something new but i believe that the work will make me and others perfect.if i will rest ill rust.but m trying alot :slight_smile: