Need change to "Delivered on Time"


I really appreciate the new rating system based on Response Rate, Delivered on Time, Order Completion and Rating. But since last 3-4 months I notice these closely and sometime asked CS as well. I think “Delivered on Time” needs up-gradation because of following.

  1. It should count the very first delivery. Not modifications/ revisions. As per current rule “Delivered on Time” is finished after doing all revisions.

Sometimes in cases of big orders, buyer needs series of revisions after the first delivery like 3-4 or even 5 revisions in order to finish. This make the delivery time longer and stretched to 5-6 days, due to buyers late response, timezone etc.

  1. In some cases, I also noticed that some orders needs more input and details from buyer, but buyer delayed to respond. For example, buyer placed an order on Friday with details and 2 days delivery time, but I need few clarifications - I noticed in some cases buyer responding after 3 days which is not my fault. Even no response to “Extend Delivery Time”.

I think Fiverr should think about these points and take necessary steps.

Thanks all!


Strongly agree with you. my maximum orders is big projects with lot of modification required. even some times I complete project in 2weeks and modifications takes 2more weeks.

due to timezone it takes more time because buyer send details later.


Isn’t this the case already? It only matters when you do your first delivery. Revisions can take as long as you want.


No, I confirmed with CS, if buyer asked for modification and you’re LATE from original deadline, it will be counted as LATE DELIVERY.


Well then clearly there is some form of discrepancy in the knowledge among CS or their system. Because:

  1. I have delivered multiple orders which had gone way past their due date because of revisions, and not even once was any considered late or affected my stats.

  2. The opinion that an order isn’t counted late if the initial delivery is made on time, has been shared by many members in the past.


Yes, it is counted as a late delivery to the UI, (It features the standard “you’re delivering late” message) but does not affect your stats.