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Need clarification on right to refuse an order


Just had to refuse an order due to plagiarism issues on his site. I had not added the “right to refuse” disclaimer to my instructions yet, but now have. Also added a note at the top of my gigs to contact me before placing an order to avoid misunderstandings.

Do I have a right to refuse to do work that is going on an illegal site or that we find morally reprehensible without it counting against me? I requested a mutual cancellation, but I’m not sure he will accept it. If it automatically cancels after two days does that count against me?


Hello, maybe I can help you because I have had a similar problem. On that occasion I asked CS to help me out. Maybe you can do that too since you mention issues that could be worthy of reporting to CS.

For what it is worth: I think you took the right actions already, but unfortunately that will not keep people from ordering before they have even contacted you. It also happens to a lot of other people.

Therefore I think there should be a button that can be used to refuse inappropriate offers without cancellation issue because nowadays cancellation always counts against a seller, whatever the reason.

(I suppose this has been an ongoing discussion)


Thanks, belgianwriter and I agree that there should be a button. Of course, you would have to provide a written reason (only fair to the buyer), but it would be good.

I did contact CS and they are going to cancel the order for me.