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Need comments on my project

Hello Guys…!

Nice to see ya…

I have struck in my ongoing project. I have uploaded 2 Pictures, the first one is Front Dummy with Check Shirt and Second Picture is Check Shirt Cloth. Now, can you tell me guys by using which software (Photoshop, Illustrator, 3Dsketch etc.) I can get the same result as shown in the 1st Picture.

I tried to add the Check Shirt Cloth (Picture 2) in Picture 1 (Front Dummy) using Photoshop but it does not seems to be perfect as it shows the cloth is rotate and push and pull from chest and left-right side, I am unable to get this. Or it can be possible, I am unable to do this. I can hire Photoshop expert if someone is able to do this and working with me for long term.

So, I need suggestion and comments from expert…

Suggestion Box is for Fiverr development not Gig review :slight_smile: