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Need constructive criticism of my gig

Hello all! I joined fiverr over a year ago primarily to buy. I recently decided to sell a gig on fiverr and would love some feed back as to what I could do to stand out more. There is so much competition on fiverr as you all know and it can be difficult to get things going. Feel free to check out my gigs and let me know what I should improve upon. Do I have a voice to make it in Voice Over? Let me know what you think!

Here is my best gig so far

You could mention in the gig description that commercial rights are included as it doesn’t mention them anywhere. I assume you have the permission from the past people you did the voice-overs for to use those voice-overs/logos in the demo video. The video is good but the pause after the name seems a tiny bit too long.

It says “Delivery within 48 hours or (usually) less!” but if you ordered 225 words the delivery days shows “3”. Maybe mention/make it clearer that the delivery within 48 hours is only for voice-overs up to 125 words if that’s the case.

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Great points all around! I will definitely implement them into my gig description. Thank you! It really helps having another set of eyes to look over things and I greatly appreciate it!

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