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So a client ordered an article and with it, he said I will need good keywords and I said I’ll do keyword research and add them in your articles.

Then after delivery, he was unable to open the Copyscape image proof of zero plagiarism because he was clicking on the wrong place and it was not opening. When I provided a drive link to show him that it’s the ss taken of the Copyscape page, which shows that no matches found. Those who use Copyscape will know what I am talking about.

He ordered again and it was the night I went to sleep and he asked a question and didn’t know it was nighttime. I got up early at 5:30 and replied because he created a dispute because he thought I am ignoring him and said he was sorry he didn’t know it was nighttime. AT this point I should have thought of what was coming.

Now he started a new dispute lying about the previous order where he left a tip and review and in the new order, he started dispute saying I begged for it where I just asked for his feedback, which is not against Fiverr rules.

Now, he also asked for keywords and topic and I spent 2 to 3 hours finding one changed at least three, and when he got what he wanted he said he is confused and cannot read the excel file that included the keywords. To even get away from the confusion I even asked him before that provide me his old template but he did not provide any.

Still, I found a good topic and keywords sent him and he said it was good but what I will use so now I went out in the market to see a new laptop. Came back to see all this and he somehow was able to cancel the completed order and now started a dispute on the second one.

I contacted Fiverr and did not know about the first order cancel, my order cancel rate dropped obviously the gig rank will drop too. I asked Fiverr CS to fix this, but I got no response but he was able to cancel the completed order.

He threatened to close my business if I don’t cancel from my end etc. like leaving bad feedback etc.

But now please tell me what I can do I sent request to CS in detail but cannot see any response yet,

SO if anyone can help, please do.


yesterday, same situation happen with me in which i have done exact same as buyer requirement…in last buyer takes my hard work on free of cost and even i complaint to CS but they support buyer as always…i lost my everything after cancel order(gig rank down, completion rate decrease) but buyer is in profit… :pensive:

I hope that fiverr will look into this matter, and let’s see what happens next.

i already tell about this to fiverr support but answer is same from there… :frowning_face:

the client even left a tip after that and said I did great. But now somehow he asked CS to cancel and they did it. Don’t even know how and why.

may be he is not satisfied or getting some error…best option is giving revision to buyer and fix the work it will help you

Oh boy, he left a tip on previous order and he cancelled new one because he though I am ignoring when fiverr showed him that it was night time.
When I replied today at 5:29 AM, he said sorry he did not take night time and 12 hours time difference into consideration.

and then in the afternoon he found another reason said, I am a scam and threatened to leave a bad review if I don’t cancel, he said he will dill with me in other ways, that I don’t know.

Well, fiverr responded to his request and the false one, but not mine where I provided all the proof and his conversation and mine.