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Need emergency help- buyer threaten to cancel the order


Yesterday I got order from a buyer and I delivered it within few hours. After delivery he ask me to cancel the order because he found another seller. I delivered a high quality work. What should I do now?


Once you have delivered the order in time, he cannot cancel the order under the pretext of getting any better seller than you. Contact CS for this and they will help you out.


Thank you. Also he tried to contact over fiverr. I refused it.


That’s :pig: hogwash and totally unfair. I’d politely explain that you’ve completed the job as described via your gig description and you will not be cancelling the order. Stand your ground!

There’s a chance that your Buyer will run to CS to ask them to cxl.

P.S~ Outline everything you’ve done, just in case they take a look at the order messages.


Another post related to cancellation the order.
What is this :fearful::fearful::sob::cry:


Yes. I also want to cry. I just had an encounter with a buyer who ask for cancelation after my job is almost done. I’m so upset because I deliver even much more that was included in the package she picked

She argues that I don’t have proof of my job, even when I sent her screenshots, links, trackable URL… I’m afraid that is the case of a buyer that wants us to work for free.

So sad, I hope she doesn’t buy again in here, or at leat, that she don’t do the same with her next seller.

I submitted the case to CS, but I’m afraid that this always ends bad for us.

Anyway, I just needed to take this out of me :sob::sob::sob:


Problem is these kind of buyers can purchase again and again.

I can see so many sellers have actually turned buyers, may be there is a good reason for it.


That buyer also sells the same service that he ordered. Is it a violation of T & C?


I’m afraid not. :confused: