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Need Established Sellers To Look At My Profile and Give Me Some Advice

I know what i am asking for could probably be a gig on its own but i’m asking for your wisdom here, i want to be like you and i am willing to put it the work so please if you can even tell the strategy you used to advertise your gigs, i’ll be grateful :slight_smile: … Just look at my page and tell what you think! Thanks a lot!

You need to have 1 sale and 1 5 star rating to give your gig some traction. People don’t want to be the first to purchase your gig. Work with a friend or someone you know to purchase your gig and help get you started. Do you have a friend that could use your help with their business? Good luck!

Reply to @landongrace: Thanks, alot … can you be the one to do that for me?

Personally, I don’t think the problem is your gig titles, descriptions, the pictures, or anything to do with your bio. For me, I think the obstacle is that the things you’re offering are essentially “non-things” that a zillion other people are already offering. So what if you can get Twitter followers? Automated tweet farms around the world sell fake activity, which means nothing if these people aren’t buying. So what if you’re selling a book of secrets to make money on Fiverr, etc? Again, it’s nothing original - for all I know, you’re selling a copy of a book that you bought from somebody who bought it from somebody who bought it from somebody and so on. Plus, if I want help learning to use Fiverr, I’ll just Google it - there’s so many free resources out there already, you can bet I won’t pay anything for an over-hyped PDF file. SEO? It’s massively over-saturated on Fiverr, but then, so is my professional field, so I suppose I have to hope that it’s possible to stand out in the crowd.

I agree with @jamesbulls. I will add, however, that the whole (and I’m paraphrasing here) “don’t waste one more second and order now,” “you will find no one better because other sellers are liars,” and the “get rich quick” pitches in your descriptions will put off most-if not all-buyers. It gives it the feeling of a scam. I’m not saying your Gigs are, of course, but that’s just my input.