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Need expert opinion

I am Mobi. I started my career in Fiverr in 2014 and successfully I completed thousands of orders with 5 rating stars. Moreover, I also worked with success managers of fiverr.

Now, I am a bit worried about my carrier because Fiverr replaces my gig from 1st page to 10th page even it’s not showing in #tags and even not receiving any enquires. I am facing this issue for the last 3 months.

I want expert opinions and suggestions.

Would thankful for your positive suggestions.

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Hi Mobi. I’ve been selling on Fiverr for a similar number of years. I have nearly always had a consistent flow of orders from new and existing buyers. However, this all changed a couple of months ago. I’ve had very little interest from new buyers throughout September and October - my earnings have more than halved these past two months.

While online marketplaces like Fiverr do provide a platform for talented sellers to make some money - too much is outside of our control. I’ve only treated Fiverr as a part-time source of income for this very reason. For me, while it’s annoying that I’ve now got very few new orders - thankfully I have other freelance work to keep me going. It’s not just you who is noticing a drop in orders from new sellers.


Thanks for your reply. I am doing full time job on Fiverr till now. So according to new policies of Fiverr we need to think about the more options other than the Fiverr.

There have been a few longterm Fiverr sellers coming on the forum to report a drop in sales in recent months.

It’s sad to see because I’ve always enjoyed working through Fiverr - but we can’t control where Fiverr places our gigs in search results.

I think the problem is that since Covid so many people have set themselves up as freelancers - so the pool of ‘talent’ has expanded. Buyers have far more choice of who to work with.


I am totally agree with you. This is the solid reason not getting inquires and decline in sales.