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Need experts advice. Is there any problem in my gig? why I'm not getting any views and orders?

Hi, I need expert advice regarding my gigs and pictures. Its 2nd week and still I couldn’t get any orders,
The first gig is about photo editing, where I wrote a huge description with attractive pictures,
I got only 1 views and few impression, while on another gig I’m getting views every day

I’m more good at photo editing and want to get orders more on that but unfortunately, it’s not working. Also, people say to send a request( proposals) to buyers, how to do that? I have joined few groups and pages on FB and shared my links there.

Would love to know about Fiverr SEO too, please share links if any; it would be easier to learn. Hope you would understand and help us(newbie) out. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Because you are not marketing your gigs.


Yeah I asked the strategy how to do that, please don’t give short answers and leave! its not helping in anyway!

You need to start with the basics.
For example, you can start with this one here.

Didn’t understand? should I offer only basic? Not premium and standard?

Gig description says 15 images, but if you go down the list you see # of images is UNLIMITED.
Which one is it?

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You can share your gigs on social media. For more Ten Tips to Optimize Your Gigs, Create Trust, and Get Sales

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Because they have limited it to 10, there is no more than 10 in their options, so gigers who wants to offer more then 10 they have to hit unlimited, I think its not the case.

Told you I have shared it already, Please share your groups where you think people buys from. Would help us , Thanks

I think you don’t understand what # of images means. If you put unlimited there then every buyer has the right to order even 100 000 images from you for $10 and you MUST deliver or you won’t get paid.


Is it mandatory to fill in the “# of images” row or can you leave it blank if the the selection doesn’t go high enough (while still being less than “unlimited”)?

I saw pro gigers profiles they did same, what if I want to deliver 15 and # of images is limited to only 10?

It’s not a mandatory field.

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Ok so I left # of image as a blank, you think its the case that I’m not getting any views and orders? Rest s fine?

No, that’s not the main reason. It’s just one out of many reasons.
The main reason is probably that your gig is not targeting the right audience.

Figure out who is your ideal customer and why would they need your service.
Then customize your gig for that specific customer profile.

For example, if you like restoring old photos then create a gig specifically for that purpose. Don’t add all services under one gig.
Write a description that only describes restoring photos, make a time lapse video to show how you do it and update your portfolio with your best work.

If a buyer types in “restore old photos” in the search then right now they are getting only 500+ gigs. Almost half of those are really low quality and another half of that don’t know how to promote their gig. So you’re really competing with 100+ gigs who know what they are doing.

However, if you try to offer everything under one gig then you’re competing with thousands of sellers.

PS. These are just generic numbers to illustrate the point. You should do this type of research with actual numbers on your own.


My opinion is that you should change the cover images for the gigs. While on full scale they look ok and they have many details in them, the thumbnail is very crowded and looks confusing when seen small.

You have a couple of seconds to draw attention to your gig before it vanished into oblivion. Your MAIN cover should look amazing and catchy as thumbnail. You can have more detailed pictures in 2nd and 3rd slot to offer more description, but I recommend to only stick to portofolio. Create a beautiful portofolio and that will attract your clients.

Also you can create a video slideshow to showcase your work even further.

One last tip would be to take advantage of the full number of gigs that you can have active (don’t replicate your gigs tho, that’s bad). But you can diversify your services and become more specific on certain things.

I hope this helps, Cheers!