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Need expert's help

i am level one seller
i am completing orders on the daily basis…i mean on order per day (through buyer request)
and my gig is on the 9th page…why my gig is stop there? why he is not coming to the front pages.

my gig should rank because i am completing orders but not my ranking is going down day by day…

here is the link of my gig

It’s hard to say why 100%, My guess would be there are other people in your category doing more orders per day. Have to remember to get ahead on Fiverr when you are lower level you need to charge less and over deliver, if there is a level 2 or top rated seller offering the same pricing as you, everyone will go to the higher ranked sellers.

Offer more, for less remember it’s about growing your gig first :slight_smile: concentrate on getting to level 2 and you will move on in the rankings on the page.

i am working on 5$ for all type of work…those peoples who has no reviews they are above to me and em still on the 9th 10th page.

I assumption is your tag is not correct.
Your gig will show only when people type and search your tag.
Can we know how many impression your gig right now?

impressions clicks views are going down day by day

If you impression going down, try to experiment and change your tag.
If you impression steadily going down, then people rarely search your tag.

and try to share your gigs at media too.
My favorite media is twitter.
We can get good impression and click with correct tag.

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Here are some tips that will be worth the time you spent to read them:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.